Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Lawyers

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While we are primarily a criminal law related online magazine, we also like to provide other attorney resources for our thousands of readers. Like many of our readers you may one day find yourself in need of immediate debt relief.

Best Bankruptcy Attorneys

We have listed the following bankruptcy law firms to help with your Chapter 11, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The Zooberg Law Firm helps with Chapter 7 credit counseling and is one of the best bankruptcy law firms in Tampa, Florida. You can learn more about the costs & fees associated with filing bankruptcy below.

More information can be found about bankruptcy here.

More bankruptcy law firms

How to file bankruptcy?

We recommend hiring an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law if you are looking to file chapter 7, 11, or 13. Most individuals will be looking to file Chapter 7. Some who don’t fit well into Chapter 7 will most likely fit well into Chapter 13. Business owners may want to investigate a chapter 11 bankruptcy.