Houston Real Estate & Business Lawyer

Houston Real Estate & Business Lawyer

Real Estate Investment continues to be a hot topic in Houston business. This is why we have partnered with the Houston law firm at Holmes Law.

They focus on several real estate matters in Texas law, including:

  1. Real estate litigation. We do everything we can to resolve all real estate disputes out of court. However, when settlements cannot be reached, we realize that litigation is often times the only means of resolution. If you are involved in real estate litigation, we will successfully pursue or defend your case.
  2. Eminent domain. Eminent domain is a legal practice under which the government can seize private property for the good of public use. If your business needs to acquire property, or defend its property from seizure, we will advocate for you.

Houston Business & Real Estate Lawyers – Service Area

If you need help with any kind of landlord tenant issue or Texas real property law, then give our law office a call at 832-509-0445. We would be glad to help.

Other Practice Areas

We also help clients with business law issues, oil and gas matters, and certain intellectual property issues. Call our office today to schedule a quick consultation.