New Jersey vs. Texas Gun Laws – Lawyer Tells All…

Texas is knows as quite “fast & loose” when it comes to gun laws. But, just for the sake of comparison, we wanted to talk to a New Jersey Lawyer about some of their gun laws.

Real Estate Lawyer NJ – pontificates on the “No Gun Left Behind” issue

Guest Post from Our New Jersey Law Student Intern (His name is Chance):

Change is not easy.
Whether it be at a political level, management level, or even at the forensic lab, the need for change isn’t always broadcast and effecting change isn’t always easy.

This video is an excellent summary of how actionable intelligence can be obtained from crime guns and related evidence. The innovation, will, and tenacity displayed by the New Jersey State Police and their collaborative partners spurred real change in how firearm crime is approached.

The Inside Out Approach to Gun Control

Here’s a quick video that was created to ensure the systematic investigation of all crimes committed with firearms. The State of New Jersey desires to create SUSTAINABLE peace for it’s neigborhoods. The point of gun control is safety. I know that some Texans may not believe in this but in NJ we demand safety and responsibility.

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